Parker County Library Association

The Parker County Library Association (PCLA) consists of the Azle Memorial Library, (the closest to Sanctuary) Weatherford Public Library, Springtown Public Library, and the East Parker County Library. PCLA libraries are working together to provide you with better access to materials and services. Each library offers a variety of books, movies, audiobooks. Some PCLA libraries offer specialty collections, such as music CDs and kits. By sharing resources, the PCLA can give you easy access to a collection of about 175,000 items. Also available at no charge are information search assistance, high-speed Internet access, and quality educational programs.

Library cards from any of the libraries in PCLA will work at all other PCLA libraries. Residents may obtain a library card free of charge at any PCLA library.

Materials from any of the four PCLA libraries can be sent back and forth for library users to check out. For example, a book that belongs to the Springtown Library can be delivered to the Azle Library, per patron request. When a requested item arrives at its destination, the library user will be notified that it is available. The library user may then check out and return the item in Azle. Once returned, the item will be sent back to the Springtown Library. Additionally, materials borrowed from any PCLA library may be returned to any other PCLA library. Materials are delivered via courier on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

View the PCLA catalog.

To find out more information on any PCLA library, or to inquire about checking out materials, please see the PCLA Brochure (PDF), or contact any of the PCLA libraries: