Alert from Walnut Creek Special Utility District: Stage 3 Water Restrictions In Effect

Date: Aug 07, 2023

Please note: as of August 7th, 2023 Walnut Creek SUD is now in Stage 3 watering restrictions.
Stage 3 is being implemented due to the following factors listed below:

1. To conserve water: engage conservation efforts, before lake levels reach a critical point.

2. To maintain adequate supply for the essential needs of ALL Customers. (While in the prior Stage 2 watering restrictions, attempts were made to establish odd and even watering days, however, water was being used faster than it could be supplied to outer areas of the system). System infrastructure improvements are in the construction process to assist with this issue.

3. To ensure adequate supply of water to all areas for fire protection.

4. To preserve the life of WCSUD equipment and to prevent mechanical breakdown that could lead to water outages.

Thank you for your cooperation,
James Blackwood
General Manager
Walnut Creek SUD